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Please call us at (205)373-8248 if you would like more information on any of our horses.

San Ann Bonnet Lady                  foaled: 5/7/07                    FCHA#: FC1278

-          Mare, gentle, good cow sense, sturdy frame, has been roped off of

-          $6,000

Sam Woody Bear                  foaled: 8/19/03              FCHA#: FC1007

-          Gelding, good cow sense, high endurance, well gaited, has been roped off of

-          $20,000

San Ann Buddy Bear         foaled: 8/17/03         FCHA#: FC994
-          Gelding, has been roped off of, anyone can ride, gentle demeanor, great cow sense
-          $7,500

San Ann Creek Lady      foaled:  7/10/07         FCHA#:FC1272                  
-          Mare, gentle, good cow sense, showing great potential
-          $4,500

SS Dixie Mizell         foaled: 5/3/04              FCHA#: FC1077
-          Mare, Fast, high-endurance, good cow sense
-          $20,000

SS Ginger Mizell            foaled: 5/18/05              FCHA#: FC1218

-          Mare, great cow sense, great roping horse, high endurance, gentle, anyone can ride

-          $8,000

San Ann Summer Wind       foaled: 5/3/02          FCHA#: FC913

-          Mare, very fast, sturdy, great cow sense, good roping horse

-          $15,000

SS Wood’s Wanda        foaled: 5/8/2000           FCHA#: FC896
-          Mare, Well-built, sturdy frame, good cow sense
-          $10,000 



San Ann Sister Bear      foaled: 5/24/07        FCHA#: FC1274

-          Mare, gentle, good cow sense

-          $6,000

San Ann Trudy Bear         foaled: 7/24/04            FCHA#: FC1079
-          Mare, very fast, great cow horse, high endurance
-          $20,000


San Ann Willie           foaled: Summer 1998       FCHA#: FC932

-          Gelding, gentle, works cows

-          $4,000

SS Mona Lisa Mizell
           foaled: 8/5/04        FCHA#: FC1080

-          Mare, gentle, calm, good cow sense, anyone can ride

-          Looks similar to Dixie

-          $8,500

San Ann Bubbles Bear
    foaled: 5/3/06      FCHA#:FC1277

-     Mare, gentle demeanor, good cow sense
-     $6,000

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